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What is Artificial Intelligence?

For those who don’t know (much) about this technology, this blog will hopefully help you to understand it a bit more. You have probably heard of terms like: Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, and so on. All these terms are connected with each other and part of this technological revolution. Now is the time to do something with these technological advances. The changes are moving in a very fast pace, you simply cannot sit back and watch your competition moving in the fast lane, so: step on the technological fast train!

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is hard to define. When you Google the term ‘Ai’, you get results with various definitions. One definition we like is: “Ai is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software”. For example, translating from one language to another, analytics, robot writers, virtual experiences and self-driving cars. Scientists have learned that computers can learn on their own if you give them a few instructions with algorithms. Algorithms are mathematical instructions. An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a problem or completing a process. The steps in an algorithm can be very precise and well-defined.

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