Do you know your why?

Not only do we at Oably ask ourselves this question often, but we believe these kinds of questions are getting more and more important. We would like to know where you stand at this point in your life? Are there things you want to change, improve and if yes, can you do this on your own or do you need help?

Technology is changing our world. On the one hand this is great news. We live in a world where almost anything is possible. Robots, Smart Home Tech, AR, VR, Machine Learning, Humanized Big Data, Physical-Digital Integration and we can go on for a while with all the new technology trends that will dominate our future and make our lives easier. But on the other hand, these innovations also make sure that 47% of our existent jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. This shift in our society will change the way we work and you should probably start asking yourself if your job will still exist in 2030.

The way we work will change, we have to adapt so we can grow along. Be creative, look around you and discover new ways of being successful in the future. Allow yourself to be open for new directions and see the opportunities.

It all has to do with our why… We see and feel the shifting around us happening. We know things will change fast. And you know what? We are not afraid, it doesn’t scare us, it triggers us even more to do something about it. We feel excited and thrilled! It forces us to think about our future, to create something where we can work together and share our thoughts and ideas. We want to learn, grow and share.

Where do you stand 10 years from now? Share your thoughts and feelings with us about this very fast changing world. We would love to hear from you.

Photo: © Stocksy – Simone Becchetti