Project Province of North Brabant

Together with eleven external companies, led by the Province of North Brabant, we succeeded in the digitalization of the periodic reports on nature in North Brabant. This project makes it possible to view the actual status of Brabant’s nature online. provide answers on several questions, such as: How does water quality develop in Brabant? How is the biodiversity in Brabant’s natural areas and in the agricultural landscape? You can also find maps, photographs and back ground information.

The Province of North Brabant and the water-conservancy are using the information, to base and evaluate their policies. The website gives everyone the opportunity to view current information in an accessible and visually attractive manner at any time.

Oably was responsible for the technical development of the website during this project. With great pleasure, we worked on this beautiful project which we are very proud of.


Take a look at and see for yourself how things are going in Brabant.

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Photo: Province of North Brabant